How can I solve my child’s irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) without medication?


Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is a condition in which patients experience vomiting,
diarrhea, constipation, pain, and/or nausea. It is a particularly frustrating problem because
there are no medications that have been shown to cure it.

Often patients see their primary care clinician, who will order tests, which typically come
back normal. And, the clinician prescribes pills that don’t work. Then the child may be
taken to a gastroenterologist or gastroenterology nurse practitioner, and more tests are run
and more medicines are prescribed, and those don’t work, either. Plus, this causes
reinforcement of the problem being a physical one that is treatable with medicines. And,
when those don’t work, it causes the clinician and the family to run more tests and try more
medicines, and it becomes an exercise in futility as there are simply no drugs that cure IBS.
After that, families might try other homeopathic treatments for which there is no scientific
evidence. But parents are desperate, and they love their children and would do ANYTHING
to help them.

All of this takes time and leads to further frustration, and concern that the clinicians are
missing something medical. With this in mind, even more tests might be done. And, it can
become a vicious circle.

In addition, virtually all of these patients also have anxiety that contributes to the problem.
And if the focus is solely on treating the symptom, and not addressing the accompanying
anxiety, patients are unlikely to experience relief.

As it happens, medication is not the answer to IBS. Studies have shown that the best
treatments for IBS are medical hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Through extensive review of the medical literature, and my own 20 years of experience of
teaching medical hypnosis, and 10 years of teaching CBT, I have found that hypnosis is
terrific at controlling the symptoms, and, although it can be helpful to control the anxiety,
CBT has been shown to be the best treatment for patients with anxiety.

My program, Controlling Your Gut Feelings®, includes both of these strategies. It is a home
video program that includes the essence of how I treat patients with IBS in my office. And,
in only 4 weeks, in the privacy of your own home, your child will learn techniques to control
not only the symptom, but also the anxiety that virtually all of these patients have. Plus, it is
so empowering!

What a gift you will be providing your child by purchasing this money-back guaranteed
program! And these children may surprise their clinicians, their parents, and even
themselves, at how quickly they improve and take back control over their lives!

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