Letter for Clinicians

If you are a psychotherapist, physician, or nurse practitioner, this comprehensive program will guide you through the step-by-step approach that I use with my patients and families, including the downloadable homework that I assign. 

If you have a patient who cannot afford the program, email me (info@controllingyourgutfeelings.com) and we can work something out.

Of note to psychotherapists. the program incorporates Medical Hypnosis, TEAM-CBT, and powerful motivational methods.

TEAM-CBT is a new school of therapy developed by David Burns, MD. Dr. Burns is a pioneer in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the author of Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy.

For patients on public assistance or who have been affected by COVID, the charge is $97. 

For more about TEAM therapy, click here

I cannot thank Dr. Burns enough for his generosity in allowing me to include his “Magic Dial” in this program. “The Magic Dial” is a quick but powerful tool to help patients with anxiety. 

If you are not already experienced in using medical hypnosis or guided imagery with your patients, I would encourage you to obtain further formal training before applying these new methods. This program is not to be used as a training course for you.

I am excited for you to experience another tool in your therapeutic armamentarium, and I’m confident that you’ll find this program to be a powerful tool to help your patients help themselves.

Concerned parents will greatly appreciate the gains their kids make with the expert guidance of Dr. Lazarus.

With compassion and an infectious optimism, Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus has created a program that can provide young people with relief from stomach pain. Controlling Your Gut Feelings is a straightforward, clear, and sensible program offering practical advice and techniques kids can use to more skillfully manage the inevitable challenges of life and thereby free themselves of stress-related GI problems.

—Michael D. Yapko, PhD: Clinical Psychologist, Author of Keys to Unlocking Depression and the Discriminating Therapist