If COVID-19 has affected your financial state, or if you are on public assistance, we understand and want to help.

We know that finances can be tight sometimes, and we don’t want that to be a barrier for your getting the help you need, so we are offering a special price for those who qualify.

Concerned parents will greatly appreciate the gains their kids make with the expert guidance of Dr. Lazarus.

With compassion and an infectious optimism, Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus has created a program that can provide young people with relief from stomach pain. Controlling Your Gut Feelings is a straightforward, clear, and sensible program offering practical advice and techniques kids can use to more skillfully manage the inevitable challenges of life and thereby free themselves of stress-related GI problems.

—Michael D. Yapko, PhD: Clinical Psychologist, Author of Keys to Unlocking Depression and the Discriminating Therapist