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How to Help Your Child
Live Free from IBS

With These 3 Treatments
Scientifically Proven by
Evidence-Based Research

Discover the solution you've been searching for with:
NO medication,
NO time-consuming plans, and
NO hassle.
If you’re here, reading this, then you want more. More for your child. More for yourself. And a future that is not dominated by IBS and other digestive issues.

Ask yourself this:
Am I Frustrated with Medications & Other Invasive Treatment Approaches That Simply Haven’t Worked for My Child's IBS?
I know how frustrating it can be to have a child who suffers from IBS and other digestive issues. I know how worried you feel when they’re not attending school. I know the feeling of helplessness you feel when they’re unable to hang out with their friends and participate in their favorite activities.

Having worked with hundreds of people like you over the past 25 years, I understand that these feelings are caused by the love you have for your child and the desire to see them succeed so they can once again enjoy a good quality of life.

What if I told you that with the right treatment, your child could not only manage their IBS symptoms but also their anxiety and worries? Not only that, but they can do it without the use of any medication, lengthy plans, or invasive procedures.


In this webinar, I’m going to make you
3 Promises:
You can see a live demonstration of the exact techniques that are proven to treat IBS at the end of the webinar. With my help, you can support your child from the comfort of your own home without having to spend a dime to visit me or any other doctor.

After watching my free training, you will walk away with a greater knowledge of:
Please consider joining me for a free webinar training where I will share the techniques that I have used to help countless children, adolescents, and adults worldwide. Your child can master these skills and gain control of their health in just a few short sessions.

I really hope to see you there.

Jeff Lazarus, MD, FAAP


Dr. Jeff Lazarus
Hosted By Jeff Lazarus, MD, FAAP

Jeff Lazarus will be hosting this webinar. He is a Stanford-trained and board-certified physician. The Menlo Park clinic he runs treats children, teenagers, and adults with conditions that are not effectively treated by traditional medicine.

It is his passion to guide children and parents towards self-confidence and self-reliance in dealing with health difficulties.

He intends to help as many families as possible with this webinar. The idea is to encourage children to empower themselves from within, which is a very effective tool when managing IBS and other digestive issues.


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Questions Or Want To Contact Us?

For any questions or concerns about this presentation or any of my programs, please email info@controllingyourgutfeelings.com

Enjoy the webclass!


Jeff Lazarus, MD, FAAP

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