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What To Expect

You’re in! I’m so excited to show you how your child can learn these abilities and regain control over their IBS starting today, without expensive tests, complicated meal plans, or seeing more specialists.

In this short 60-minute webinar, I’ll reveal:

The real reason why the vast majority of traditional IBS treatments fail.

How the three tried-and-tested techniques I’ve been using for years, have helped my patients.

How these techniques can help your child gain control over their IBS symptoms as well as the worry and anxiety they’re experiencing.

… Plus you’ll see a live demonstration of the exact techniques that are proven to treat IBS at the end of the presentation.

IMPORTANT: Please follow these instructions to get the most out of this webinar:

  1. For the best viewing experience, make sure you’re using a laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Close any other browser windows you are using to prevent slowing your computer down or distracting you from the webinar.
  3. To avoid “lagging,” make sure you have a reliable, stable internet connection.
  4. Set aside 60 minutes to watch and take notes on the entire presentation. I believe that this presentation can transform the lives of you and your child, and that you’ll leave feeling hopeful and optimistic that tomorrow will be better than today.
  5. To Your Child’s Health,
    Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus
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