Why Controlling Your Gut Feelings?

It’s THE solution to help you or your child, teenager, or young adult get real relief from IBS and the anxiety that accompanies it.

Why Controlling Your Gut Feelings?

It’s THE solution to help you or your child get real relief from IBS and other digestive Issues.

I understand how helpless and overwhelming it can feel for you when you're dealing with Digestive Issues like IBS, Functional Abdominal Pain or Cyclic Vomiting.

10-24% of children

experience these problems. 75% of children older than 4 who are seen by pediatric gastroenterologists have a functional gastrointestinal disorder.*

Thousands of dollars

in copays, lab tests, and medication.

Countless hours

going to doctor appointments, children missing school, and parents missing work.

* Rouster, AS, Karpinski, AC, Silver, D, et al. Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Dominate Pediatric Gastroenterology Outpatient Practices. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. 2016;62: 847-851.

Controlling Your Gut Feelings is a Treatment program custom-developed for the specific needs of children, teenagers, and young adults with digestive issues.

A simple solution that produces real, lasting results—and peace of mind—using three proven techniques:




Powerful Motivational Techniques

What’s Medical Hypnosis?

Did the word “hypnosis” make you skeptically raise your eyebrows? You’re not alone. Most people think of wacky hypnotists in capes and weird hats swinging a pocket watch in front of someone and telling them to cluck like a chicken. 

That is NOT what this is.

Medical hypnosis—also known as clinical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, visualization, and mental imagery—simply involves creating a highly  focused state of mind that allows you to access your internal ability to change a pattern of thinking and behaviors.

It is a learned skill that is strengthened with continued practice.


What is CBT?

In simplest terms, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT for short, is a set of therapeutic techniques that helps you change your thoughts, which helps you change your feelings and your behaviors. The belief is that your thoughts lead to feelings, which usually lead to actions. So by going back to the source—the thought—and replacing a negative one with a positive one, or figuring out a new way to look at something, your feelings and behaviors will likely change as well.

Negative thought > Negative feeling > NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR

So the goal of CBT techniques is to change this sequence to:

Negative thought > Positive thought > Positive feeling > POSITIVE BEHAVIOR

TEAM-CBT was developed by David Burns, MD. It is an evidence-based framework that can be used to enhance all schools of therapy. For more about TEAM-CBT, click here.

Cognitive Techniques
Cognitive therapeutic techniques focus on retraining your mind to achieve a specific goal. Some common examples include:

  • Identifying and challenging irrational or negative thoughts
  • Becoming more confident in your own internal resources
  • Calming self-talk

Behavioral Techniques
As the name implies, behavioral therapeutic techniques specifically address the actions that result from negative or anxious thoughts and feelings. These might include:

  • Tolerating fear rather than avoiding it
  • Breaking prior patterns of behavior and learning to respond in new ways
  • Deep-breathing exercises

What are Motivational Techniques?

These methods involve the clinician asking certain questions that help patients find their own internal reasons to become more open to change. Common motivational interviewing approaches include:

  • Asking open-ended questions
  • Making statements that support the patient’s self-efficacy
  • Eliciting “change talk”

What families and experts are saying:

This program has been effective for children with functional abdominal pain. The videos are excellent!

This program will help many who suffer with anxiety and the way their bodies express that emotional pain, and empower patients to take the reins back and steer themselves toward recovery.

Not only did I learn tools to deal with my anxiety and vomiting, but this program taught me about the power of the mind and how to take back control.

Concerned parents will greatly appreciate the gains their kids make with the expert guidance of Dr. Lazarus.

The online program felt like being in the office. I was skeptical, but I let go and accepted help. I think this program can help a lot of people.

What do you get with this program?

The comprehensive Controlling Your Gut Feelings program will help you (your child) turn goals into reality.


Self-Paced Training Videos

The program consists of 8 video lessons, which are simple, short, and digestible and range from 5 to 20 minutes in length. You (your child) can work through the lessons at his own pace as Dr. Lazarus directs him step by step.


Multiple Formats

No matter how you (your child) prefers to learn–computer, tablet, or phone–we have you covered with a program formatted for all your devices.


Downloadable Worksheets

Fun and easy-to-understand and -complete homework assignments help reinforce the skills you (your child) learned from Dr. Lazarus and allows her to track the progress and celebrate the wins.

Healing begins today.

Controlling Your Gut Feelings is the simple solution to your child’s gut issues that provides quick, lasting relief.

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