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Welcome to the Controlling Your Gut Feelings® Program!

I’m so honored to have you in the program. You’ve taken the first step to relieve your pain and worry and to regain control over your mind and body for a better quality of life.

Tech Tips for the Best User Experience

Our goal is for your online learning experience to be as easy, fun and productive as possible. Use these simple tech tricks to optimize your online learning experience.

Use the Right Browser

We recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your default browser (they’re free). Safari is a third option, but avoid Internet Explorer because it won’t give you the best user experience. Also, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of whatever browser you use so the program runs faster and smoother.


Only Log In from One Device at a Time

The Controlling Your Gut Feelings program is designed to be accessed from one browser or platform at a time. Please don’t have the website open on your computer, smartphone, and tablet all at once or open in multiple browsers simultaneously. This causes the system to loop around and around—trust us, it’s not as fun as it sounds!

Best Practices for Homework PDFs

Download your Homework PDFs, or simply view them in a browser window. Regardless of your computer, operating system, or browser, our PDFs will work with Adobe Reader (it's free and easy), Adobe Acrobat Pro, or even Adobe Preview (download a copy here).


Log Out When You're Done

Before you close your browser window or power down, click the “My Account” button, then “Logout” in the top right corner of the program navigation bar. This resets the system in case you log in from a different browser or device later on. It’s also a great habit that helps ensure the security of all your personal information.

Controlling Your Gut Feelings Program Overview